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Drinking Wine


A physical side-effect likely of wine consumption is water retention due to the wine’s alcohol content. A high blood-level of alcohol could cause water-shedding impairments (urine), but so too the body adapts itself in the long run into a water-bloated condition, which becomes permanent. Hence, the same amount of alcohol tends to spark diuretic action somehow and cause dehydration. If so happens to be customarily taken with bias towards overdoing, it could cause conversely effects into the body.

Apart from the side-effects of alcohol consumption there would be chemical enhancers employed in making wine weighed on as well. Added up sulfide means universal practice as to how fend for its conservation. Only if stated on the label “non-sulfide” would endorse the wine rid from this chemical component. In a winemaker’s standpoint, aside from putting the consumers’ health in jeopardy, the sterilizing action from sulfide may come to damage the wine’s vitality by overriding its aroma. Some people seem more prone to sulfide than others. Those who can’t bear this compound are in for splitting headache, nausea and profoundly allergic reactions to boot. Yet deemed the prime culprit in hangover, on which point throbbing headache and roughness hitting systematically whenever drinking wine. The added up sulfide due to its bacteriostatic capability and anti-browning/oxidative effects stands for key in winery.  However not totally unfamiliar chemical characteristic for the wine, due most to the process of fermentation itself certain sulfides minute cluster pinpointed naturally in produce. This is the reason why there’s no wine, in principle, ultimately sulfide-free as such. Those prone to allergic reactions of drinking sulfide-rich wine should refrain from wine tasting up until their situation gets clarified. Primarily someone prone to crises of asthma. Those sugar-rich wines require slightly higher doses of sulfides, in that the explanation as to why seemingly red wine tolerated better than white wines and dessert wines in general.

The replacement for sulfides is potassium sorbate of which displays the capability of preventing fermentation as well, albeit, it’s thought of garnering unpleasant odors and bad taste to the wine, some would argue. The wine may promote facial-blush, which does not denote allergy-reaction at all. So too headache could be caused by substances other than sulfides, on which point byproduct of fermentation in winemaking. The acetaldehyde built up during alcoholic fermentation, for one regarded as possible source of headache whenever high concentration-rate found in the wine. Disgracefully, it gets put forward into large-scale production when sulfite happens to be added up; though such concentration is bound to decline accordingly to the wine’s degree of alteration. Throughout the wine’s ageing process such compounds could be neutralized. Hence, when drinking wine made of grapes that require ageing (basically all of which within range of the Red wines and those from the Chardonnay grape) may set headache and hangover forth. Although headache maybe simply due to the property of dilatation of the blood vessels that makes it so peculiar in wine. It’s the concoction of beverages or else the act of drinking liquor-wine along with savory food that could possibly cause illness and nausea.

There could be a analgesic-wise makeshift-soother for both headache and hangover that would go soft on the stomach linen (avoid aspirin), therein a few glasses of water or else a home-made soap (preferable at times, in order to replenish all the sodium and potassium lost through dehydration), thus a good Italian “espresso” so as to constrict up the blood vessels causing headache while dilated. Nonetheless, as such home-medicine is read as old-wives’ tales and by no means replacement for medical scrutiny so far.As for hangover prevention, do not drink the wine on an empty stomach, forget having it alongside salad dishes doing so otherwise along with protein and fat richly-food, and above all drink up wisely.


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